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Geography and Diversity in Nepal

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Geography of Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful mountainous south asian country located between India and China with about 83% of it’s total area consisting of beautiful mountains and hills , undulating slopes and steady running river valleys . Remaining 17% is  occupied by the flat lands of Terai . In spite of being a small country , Nepal has got a lot of geographical diversities. The country has large number of beautiful mountains , lakes , river flowing from north to south and valleys .

On the basis of altitude , Nepal can broadly be divided into three regions :

  • The Himalayas
  • The Hills
  • The Terai

The Himalayan Regions :-

            The Himalayan region lies in the northern part of Nepal ranging from east to west .

It covers 15% land of Nepal . It is situated at a height of 3300 to 8848 meters from the sea level . There are more then 200 snow peaks and 13 highest peaks which makes the magnificent  Himalayan region . In this region , the thrilling world’s highest (Mt. Everest – 8848m) and third highest ( Mt. Kanchanjunga – 8598 m) and many more peaks are located like “Mt. Annapurna - 8091m” , “ Mt. Machapuchre – 6993m” etc . As ranges above 4500 meters  are covered with white snow which precisely expand the glory of Himalayan region. Some districts like Manang , Mustang , Dolpa and Solukhumbhu are located in this region which are best trekking destination of Nepal .

There is very low population density here . Mainly the people of Sherpa , Thakali , Gurung and Lepcha ethnicity lives here . The main occupation here are Trekking , Tourism , Animal raring and Herb trade.


The Hilly Region:-

            The Hilly region is situated in between the Himalayan and Terai region which lies north to the Terai region and south to the Himalayas. It occupies 68% of total land of Nepal and is situated at a height of 610 m to 3300 m from the sea level. The mysterious hilly ranges like Mahabharat and the Chure and the valleys like “Kathmandu – 1400 m” , ”Pokhara – 1400 m” and other famous places like “Palpa – 1350m” , “Gorkha – 1135m” lies within this region. This region is fully rich in biodiversity and has the best climatic condition to live in.  In hilly region of Nepal there is heavy mass of people (about 57% of total) .


The Terai Region :-

            The Terai region extends from east to west along the southern parts of Nepal and covers the 17% of the total land of Nepal. It is a plain region and is situated at a height of 60 to 610 meters from the sea level . Terai region is mainly covered with forests and fertile green agricultural fields. There are many famous places like Lumbini (Birth place of Buddha), Chitwan (Chitwan National park) , Bardiya National Park , Janakpur and many more situated in this region .